Intuitive Platform Makes It Easy to Use

VMS is preinstalled and works on a simple and compelling platform; monitoring, playback,

configuration, and other advanced controls can be done in the same straightforward principle whether

log in locally or remotely. It simplifies the complicated video management, integrates different

applications with powerful controlling functions, and requires only minimal trainings to fully control

and conduct the VMS.


Optimised for Megapixel Surveillance

Different from the commercial off-the shelf PC+VMS solutions, NVR is specially designed for

megapixel surveillance. The in-house and proprietary designed NVR and SMR series are featured with

enterprise hardware RAID 0, 1, 5, supporting up to 64-channel Full HD recording. The enterprise RAID

subsystem storage offers the maximum performance and highest reliability to ensure no video loss.



Open Platform and Easy Integration

Surveillance solutions are built on the same open platform, allowing easy integration

with the existing security systems and future expansions. VMS supports more than

600 IP cameras, integrates with various subsystems through I/O boxes, and controls the

connected devices from the embedded alarm rule management, providing users with

opportunities to optimise their network security infrastructure while taking advantage of

central management, video analytics and powerful search engine.

Multi-access Makes Surveillance Simple and Flexible

In addition to the powerful functions of VMS client, VMS mobile client provides users with easy and accessible solutions. Whether through browsers or via applications for iOS and Android mobile devices, users can review both live and stored video remotely on the same intuitive platform anywhere, anytime, taking advantage of this accessibility and        performing different monitoring tasks on the go.

Intelligent Search Improve Efficiency

Smart search provides users with a total awareness controlling framework, turning massive data to actionable and meaningful information. Wherever and whenever there is an incident, with real-time VI, according to the live view, snapshots, pop-ups, and instant playback, security personnel can react right away to minimize the damage. By setting different VI detections, real-time triggered events can be labeled for smart investigations and business intelligence.

Ensure the Health of Your Overall System

To maximize the overall system uptime, lower the risk of shutting down, and optimise maintenance, VMS diagnosis system constantly checks the overall system status, monitoring NVR hardware, camera connection, network loading, storage capacity, bandwidth status, and live view performance. With just one click away, the system status report will be presented with every detail for further examination. Any errors will show up on the event log or with notifications via email or SMS according to the configurations.